Mid Power

2835 0.5W

2835 0.5W
Product Introduction

This 2835 LED Light Source is a high performance energy efficient device which can handle high thermal and high driving current. The small package outline and high intensity make it an ideal choice for LED panel light, LED bulb light, LED tube light, backlighting etc. The White Power LED is available in the range of color temperature from 2700K to 7000K as well as in Red, Amber, Pink, Green, Blue colour.

  • Flat panel light
  • LED tube & LED bulb light
  • Decorative and landscape lighting
  • Signage and channel letter


2835 LED Light Source is a high-performance energy efficient device

ES-2835-053V-XX-XXX-XXWhite0.5W3.5*2.8*0.683V150mA65-70 2700-700080LM80DOWNLOAD PDF
ES-2835-053V-L1-PXXXXPink0.5W3.5*2.8*0.683V150mA--2050--LM80DOWNLOAD PDF
ES-2835-052V-L1-RXXXRed0.5W3.5*2.8*0.682V150mA--615-625--LM80DOWNLOAD PDF
ES-2835-053V-L1-GXXXGreen0.5W3.5*2.8*0.683V150mA--512-525--LM80DOWNLOAD PDF
ES-2835-053V-L1-BXXXBlue0.5W3.5*2.8*0.683V150mA--450-460--LM80DOWNLOAD PDF
ES-2835-053V-XX-A2200Amber0.5W3.5*2.8*0.683V150mA50-60 2200-240080LM80DOWNLOAD PDF