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Everstar focused on improving energy efficiency, light output, the quality of light, and longevity, and developing new form factors to address the needs in many different application areas including architectural and urban, displays and projection, horticulture and illumination.

About Our Lighting Company

POLE STAR, a star in north that doesn’t appear to move has always been a guide to humans /sailors to get their geographical positions. Likewise, “EVERSTAR“, launched a year back is a front runner in field of 'Solid State Devices'. Everstar with a vision statement of “Perceiving beyond” has invested in technologies to create wide range of lumens packages for all applications like SMD, COB, Horticulture, UV's, etc.
Everstar products perfectly blends and aligns with the needs of the industry and is a signpost to support and guide those in similar line of business. Illumination products from Everstar , enchant customers with LED based solutions like SMD & COB for creating different colour temperatures , CCT Tunable, Dim to warm. It also ventures in to specialized lighting application like Horticulture, Air-purification, Display lighting, Back lit lighting.On Non Illumination front, Everstar also cater to Driver on Board Section.